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Welcome to Our Bengal Kings Page

Pictured to the right, is Camelottaspots King George. Georgie is a Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA and was 13th Best Shorthair Cat in the SW Region for the 2005-2006 show season. In addition to that, Georgie was the number two marble Bengal Internationally.  He has an absolutely stunning pattern, in addition to his tiny ears, he passes on great clarity of coat to his offspring.  Georgie has accumulated well over 6500 points, but  alas, has not been able to capture that elusive Best Cat award for his Supreme Grand Champion Title.




Pictured above and to the left, is QGC Camelottaspots Flaming Torch. "Flame" is a rather big boy, weighing in at sixteen pounds. He is highly rufoused in his coloring, and although he has produced some very nice Bengal babies, for us, his primary use is in our Savannah program. Please take a look at our Savannah kittens page to view some of his Savannah offspring.

The photo to the right depicts Camelottaspots King of Spades.  Although the picture was taken when King was still a kitten, it demonstrates his clear, highly contrasted coat and his wonderful profile, none of which have changed in the slightest as he has matured. King is currently being shown in Bengal classes at TICA shows, and is already a Grand final away from his Double Grand. He is just beginning his breeding career, and we have high hopes for him as a future King.  King has very little tarnish on his super clear and highly rosetted silver coat.  The contrast between his background coat and his spotting pattern is incredible.  To top it off, he has the sweetest disposition one could ever ask for on a stud cat.  King is doing quite well in competition, and routintely comes in first or second in color, with several firsts in division , as well as 1st through third placings in breed.  We have high hopes for his continuing show career and even higher hopes for his future offspring.