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Leopold Kittens - For Sale

The Leopold is a new longhaired breed being developed to resemble the Snow Leopard.  Although kittens can come in both brown and silver (much like the snow leopard in the wild), the preferred color is silver, with a black rosetted spotting pattern, right down to the tail.  Although the breed is considered longhaired, the coat should not be as long as a Maine Coon or Persian, so, in reality, the Leopold is a semi-longhaired cat.  We do not have any Leopold kittens available at this time.  However, we do have a couple of pairs of breeding adults we are willing to offer to breeders who are willing to work with us in developing this breed.  So, if you are interested in pursuing the lofty goal of developing and establishing a brand new breed in the cat fancy, and experiencing all of the trials and tribulations unique to a new breed,  please contact us at