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Siberian Kittens - For Sale

Winterland cats specialize in silver tabbies.  We frequently have both classic and mackerel tabbies.  Occasionally, we even have spotted tabbies.

Siberians originated in Russia and are known as the Russian street cat.  They are a triple coated cat, which no doubt assists them in surviving Russian winters outdoors.  They are also believeds to be hyperallergenic. It is said that they lack the protein in their saliva that is one of the causes of allergies to felines.  When a cat licks itself during the grooming process, this protein is dispersed throughout the fur.  When a person who is allergic to cats proceeds to pet the animal, the protein transfers to the person's skin.  Of course, when this person then touches his/her ees, the allergic process begins.  Because Siberians tend to lack this protein in their saliva, their fur is free of this protein and a person touching a Siberian is therefore not exposed to it.  However, if the person is allergic to dander (skin flakes) then that person will in all probability still react to a Siberian, or any other cat for that matter, since all animals, cats included, shed skin cells.  So, before you purchase a Siberian, thinking you will not be allergic to them, check to find out what kind of allergy you have and make your decision accordingly.  In addition, to help reduce allergic reactions, you should always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after touching a cat and before touching any part of your face.

We do not have any Siberian kittens available at this time.  However, we do have a few adults available as pets or to qualified breeding programs  Please contact to inquire about any of our Siberian adults.