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Welcome to Camelottaspots Bengal and Savannah Cattery. Please feel free to roam around our castle. We hope you enjoy your stay. Be sure to visit our Kings and Queens, and do drop in on our adoption agency to see the little Princes and Princesses that are looking for homes. If you decide to adopt one of our little Savannah Princes or Princesses, they come with an "instruction manual" regarding the ownership and care of this relatively new breed. Remember, though, Camelottaspots Cattery breeds Savannahs AND Bengals.So, be sure to visit our Bengal Kings and Queens pages, as well as our Savannah Kings and Queens pages, in addition to the Bengal kittens and Savannah kittens pages.

In addition to our breeding program, we rescue local shelter kitties that are about to be euthanized by our local animal control.  At the current time, we have well over 150 cats to choose from.  So, if you are not looking for a purebred Bengal or Savannah kitten, but would like ot ocnsider an adult cat, please contact us about our available rescues.  We have adults of severaldifferentbreeds and non-purebreds and occasionally have non-purebred kittens, as well.

We have a 2500 square foot indoor facility, with central air and central heat for year-round climate control. We also have outdoor facilities that house our exotics, as well as many more domestics. Our outdoor facilities are fully covered for shade and shelter and have misters for the summertime to cool the pens.

 We have been breeding cats since 1995 and were involved with the breeding of horses (black Arabian and black and white Pinto Arabians) for over three decades. With an educational background that includes a BS degree in Biochemistry with a minor in genetics, a JD, and numerous years working in the Regulatory and Quality Assurance environment of the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries, we pride ourselves in our scientific approach to animal husbandry.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our cats. You need only to ask. We try to maintain contact with our kitten buyers and adopters whenever possible, and will be happy to mentor new breeders of Bengals and Savannaqhs upon request.


Camelottaspots Savannahs in the Media

In the past, we have refused to give interviews to the media, whether they be television news crews or newspapers.  However, recently, unbeknownst to us, photos take professionally of our cats, by Helmi Flick, were submitted to various magazines.  To our surprise, Camelottaspots Lady Delta Force (aka Delta) was chosen to be on the cover of the 2012 Cats USA Annual magazine.  In addition, both Delta and her first cousin, Camelottaspots Prince of Wales, were chose to be included in the Japanese version of the Cats USA magazine, known as the 2012 Cat Catalog.  We are proud to show those magazines below.


Top Center Photo in this picture is of Camelottaspots Lady Delta Force.  Photo was taken by the world famous photographer, Helmi Flick, at the 2010 TICA Annual Cat Show in Sacramento, CA.


Lower Left photo in this picture is of Camelottaspots Prince of Wales.  Like his first cousin, Delta (above), Prince is a high percent F4 Savannah.  However, whereas Delta was already a year old in these pictures, Prince was only four months of age.  Prince was shown as a household pet kitten at the 2010 TICA Annual Cat Show in Sacramento, CA, which is where this photo was taken by Helmi Flick, who in turn submitted it to the Japanese magazine for publication.


This, of course, is Camelottaspots Lady Delta Force, who is also pictured on our Savannah Queens page of this website.  Delta was a year old in this photo.  This picture was taken by the world famous feline photographer, Helmi Flick, at the 2010 TICA annual Cat Show, put on by the Jazzy Cats Club in Sacramento, CA over the Labor Day weekend in 2010.  Helmi surprised us by submitting this photo to Cats USA, who obviously chose Delta as their 2012 Cover Girl for their Cats USA Annual Magazine.